Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal and one of the largest cities in India. It is also the commercial capital of East India, located on the east bank of the Hooghly River. The city of Kolkata has 4.5 million residents, and the metropolitan area, including suburbs, has a population of approximately 15.7 million. Kolkata was the capital of India during British emperor. Job Charnock, an administrator with the company was traditionally credited as the founder of the city. Kolkata has long been known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. As the former capital of India, Kolkata was the birthplace of modern Indian literary artistic and scholastic thought. The person of Kolkata tends to have a special appreciation for art and literature; its tradition of welcoming new talent has made it a "city of furious creative energy. For these reasons, Kolkata has often been dubbed as the Cultural Capital of India or the Literary Capital of India.


Victoria Memorial

Inaugurated in 1921, Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria, the first Empress of India. Possibly the grandest reminder of the Raj, the splendour of this Memorial hall lies in its vast collection of remnants from the British Empire’s rule in India.

Howrah Bridge

Calcutta's most famous landmark is also one of the best cantilever bridges built in the world—The Howrah Bridge connects Howrah to its twin city, Kolkata. Built over the river Hooghly, It’s 97 metres high, 705 metres long, required 26,400 tons of steel and seven years to build.

Indian Museum

One of the oldest museums in Asia, the Indian Museum was needs an entire day, or more, to fully enjoy the fossils, coins, stones, Gandhara art, meteors and founded in 1814.


A traditionally potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata, the capital of the east Indian state of West Bengal. By virtue of their artistic productions these potters have moved from obscurity to prominence. It is over 300 years old.. Nowadays, around 150 families live there, earning a living by sculpting idols for the various festivals out of clay.

Missionary Services Tour or Humanitarian programme for foreign nationals (International schools & colleges also)

We provide tour for foreign nationals (International schools & colleges also) for volunteering services and including Kolkata tour ,transport, hotel booking as per client budget. We have been rendering services to Hongkong International School for 14 Years.

Missionaries of Charity

Roman Catholic religious congregation established in 1950 by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It consists of over 4,501 religious sisters and is active in 133 countries. A member of the Congregation must adhere to the vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and the fourth vow, to give "Wholehearted and Free service to the poorest of the poor." Missionaries care for those who include refugees, ex-prostitutes, the mentally ill, sick children, abandoned children, lepers, people with AIDS, the aged, and convalescent. They have schools run by volunteers to educate street children, they run soup kitchens, as many other services as per the communities' needs. Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata at centre’s like Sishu Bhavan, Shanti Dan, Prem Dan,Daya Dan,Nabo Jibon, Nirmal Hriday.


Santiniketan- is a small town near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal, India, is one of the perfect weekend gateway destinations for the people who are eagar to travel. It's a great relief from metropolitan's delirious pace and pollution. It is 180 km away from Kolkata. The red soil of Birbhum, the green forest, the fresh air, the beautiful scenario of the bank of river Kopai, the remnant of Khoai created by rainfall during monsoon attract travelers by its own beauty. It was made famous by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Shantiniketan is also famous for its fairs and festivals like Poush Mela (December), Joydev Mela (January), Basanta Utsav (March) and the famous Mystic Baul Singers Places to see are :- Tagore's ashrama,, Chhatimtala, Rabindra Bhaban Museum, Uttarayan complex, Amar Kutir and Shilpa Gram.


Sundarban- The Sundarbans has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sundarbans is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world.This region is densely covered by mangrove forests.The sundarban forest is the home for various birds and crocodiles,spotted deer,water monitor, The mud flats, sands dunes and sand flats are home to a huge variety of crabs, mud skippers and is one of the largest reserves for the Royal Bengal tiger.The Sundarban forest is just a few hours distance from Kolkata, India. Sundarban is a must trip for all lovers of nature, forests, wild animals, and the gentle waves of the rivers. This experience will leave you with lifetime memories. Sundarban Tour is 2 days and 3 days.

You can see places like- Asiatic Society, Botanical Gardens, Jain Temple, Marble Palace, Raj Bhavan, St John Church, St Paul's Cathedral and Tagore House in Kolkata

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